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Design and the delivery of cosmetic packaging across the world.
For over 30 years of manufacture expertise.

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Established on 1986,Shantou Haiyuan Plastic Industry Co,. Ltd. devoted to the cosmetic package product innovation, design and the delivery of cosmetic packaging across the world. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Shantou, China.

For over 30 years of manufacture expertise, Haiyuan become a medium-sized enterprise with full automatic production and management facilities covering over 40,000 square meters and employing over 200 professionals. We have been successful in providing our clients with the right packaging solution that will ensure protection and elevate brand’s position in the market.

In addition to providing our clients with high quality cosmetic packaging supplies, we are experts at value-added services and innovative product design. Our in-house printing and labeling department offers silk screening, shrink sleeving, and in many cases, digital and 3D printing.

Not only supply you the stock items with your brand, HAIYUAN also handle the customized orders and work with you to provide the best solutions for your product.


Over 30 years of exertise, our customers can expect a high level of satisfaction. We respond to all Questions and solve customers 'problems before, during, and even after the sale periods.

  1. Founded from a small bungalow in Year 1986, here, coagulated countless hard work and sweat behind the entrepreneurs

  2. The first plant of 3 layers building which completed in Year 1993 mean our company began to large scale production.

  3. We had the honor to be the member among the first Shantou City Private Entrepreneurs in Year 1999, and taken the lead in this city and relative industry.

  4. The second plant has been successfully completed in Year 2000.

  5. Year 2013, bought in the cutting-edge molding tool creation machine, technology and production integration of the time.

  6. Year 2015, more foresighted to bring in semi-automatic production line in this field.

  7. Never stop improving, imported the equipments of electronic numerical control for researching and developing molding tool in Year 2008.

  8. Year 2013, the fourth plant has been successfully completed which became another important milestone in our history.

  9. Year 2015, all production lines were upgraded to comprehensive automation.

  10. Year 2017, imported 3D printing technology.


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A CNC Engraving machine is the art of cutting or carving grooves or characters into a surface. Rotary Engraving, or CNC Routing, is done with a rotating tool or cutter in a motorized spindle.

Electrical discharge machining (EDM), also known as spark machining, spark eroding, burning, die sinking, wire burning or wire erosion, is a manufacturing process whereby a desired shape is obtained by using electrical discharges (sparks).

With high-precision mold making, Haiyuan has 160 tons of two-color injection molding machine and 200 tons, 120 tons, a total of 28 injection machines. Greatly shortened the production lead time & can provide good quality products faster.

Generally,the surface of roughness can be reach to Ra0.63~0.01 micron

6 QC inspection runs through the entire production porcess step, to ensure Haiyuan supplies the high standard quality & stability products..

Production Process

The surface of the workpiece is modified by mechanical polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media. During polishing, the high speed rotating polishing wheel (round speed above 20 m / sec) presses the workpiece to the workpiece, making the abrasive rolling and micro cutting on .

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Our in-house printing and labeling department offers silk screening, shrink sleeving, and in many cases, digital and 3D printing.

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Educational Requirem : Regular College Course
Department : Business Unit
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Educational Requirem : Regular College Course
Department : Design Department
Position Type : Full Time
Recruiting Numbers : 1

Job Skills

Exceptional graphic design skills with packaging and branding,Excellent communication skills demonstrating an ability to present thoughts and feedback to team members and key stakeholders,Ability to communicate the brand vision,Advanced knowldege of toy packgaing manufacturing process,Strong awareness of trends for brand category,Advanced Illustrator and Photoshop skills (InDesign skills advantageous),Ability to create finished artwork,Good time management and attention to detail,Ability to facilitate understanding and adoption of new and existing processes,Able to guide and coach others.

Effectively driving sales within established client-base,Evaluating and securing opportunities for new business,Assisting our partners’ business growth by adding value through strong relationships and professional marketing support,Achieve monthly sales targets.

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